Arlesey Cross is the name given to the development site to the east and west of High Street, Arlesey. This forms part of Central Bedfordshire Council’s plans to deliver the 14,230 new homes the district needs between 2000 and 2021.

The Arlesey Cross site benefits from a Masterplan Document, which was adopted by Central Bedfordshire Council as Technical Guidance in March 2014 to help inform and guide future planning applications. It includes a vision for the development and guidance on key aspects, such as the location of different land uses, opportunities for open space and landscaping and the potential benefits that could be delivered as part of, or in conjunction with, development.

This will guide the various landowners as to what should may come forward on their land to aid the delivery of the broader infrastructure identified within the document to support the new community. This website hosts information about the history of the site and its current allocation for development.

The eastern parcel of land, known as Arlesey East, is being promoted through the planning process by Telereal Trillium on behalf of the landowner with the intention of submitting an outline planning application. You can find out more about how these proposals are progressing here –

The western parcel of land is in multiple ownerships and more information on how and when this will come forward will be made public in due course.