Arlesey Cross is allocated for a mixed use development of a minimum of 1,000 new homes and the provision of 10 hectares of employment land under Policy MA8 of the Central Bedfordshire Council Site Allocations Development Plan Document (Adopted 2011).

This means that the principle of development at this location is already established for land within the 77.26ha site at Chase Farm, north-east and west of High Street, referred to as Arlesey Cross.

The Arlesey Cross Masterplan was prepared by Hankinson Duckett Associates and Woods Hardwick Planning Ltd in collaboration with Central Bedfordshire Council. It has been subject to public consultation before it was adopted in March 2014 which included:

The Masterplan Document seeks to demonstrate, at a high level, how the allocated land can be comprehensively developed to satisfy the requirements  and land uses identified by Policy MA8. It aims to ensure that quality design is achieved throughout the development and that it integrates well with the existing settlement by establishing key overarching design principles. These will be built on in subsequent design codes to be prepared and submitted either with an outline planning application for the site, or prior to the determination of reserved matters applications.

You can read a copy of the document here.